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Oxford Dictionary of Music
Beggar's Opera, The
Oxford Dictionary of Music
Browne, (William Charles) Denis (Leamington Spa, 1888 - Achi Baba, Turkey, 1915)
Oxford Dictionary of Music
Evans, Edwin (London, 1874 - London, 1945)
Oxford Dictionary of Music
Handel Opera
Oxford Dictionary of Music
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Déploration (Fr.)

Dent, Edward (Joseph) (Ribston, Yorks., 1876 - London, 1957)
Eng. scholar, teacher, and author.

Educated Eton and Cambridge Univ., where he was taught by Stanford and Charles Wood. Taught mus. at Cambridge Univ. 1902-18, and was involved in prod. of Die Zauberflöte in his trans. in 1911, when this opera was virtually unknown in Brit. Prof. of mus., Cambridge Univ. 1926-41. Active in many Eng. operatic ventures and esp. as translator of libs. for, among others, Beethoven, Berlioz, Busoni, Gluck, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Verdi, and Wagner. His trans. of 4 Mozart operas contributed largely to their re- evaluation in Eng. In 1919 he helped found Brit. Mus. Soc. (disbanded 1933) and in 1922 organized a fest. of contemporary chamber mus. in Salzburg from which developed the International Society for Contemporary Music. Dent became first pres., 1923-37. Pres., Int. Musicological Soc. 1931-49, RMA 1928-35. Ed. The Beggar's Opera, 1944. Contrib. to many encyclopaedias and dictionaries, critic, and author of books Alessandro Scarlatti (1905), Mozart's Operas (1913, rev. 1947 and 1955), Ferruccio Busoni (1933), and Handel (1934).

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